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Taking Baby on Cruise Ship

The first thing we looked into was a vacation that combined multiple options for fun, with a relative ease of travel. In our case, we chose a cruise on a ship from Montreal, Canada to Boston, MA. This close in hugging the shore method of cruising allowed us the option to drive both ways. We had to rent two cars, complete with GPS, and car seats, but we were no longer bound by airline baggage rules, and that was important. We could now travel with enough baby clothes, toys, and feeding related gear to summit Everest if we wanted to.

The drive rather than fly also relieved us of the pitfalls of being the parent of the kid who screamed during an entire flight. We chose to avoid the potential hurdle of trying to sooth an unreasoning being, while fending off the evil stares of the poor people who might try to sleep near us.

We still had one more detail to work out; the boy needed a passport to travel to Canada. Amazingly the U.S.

Should Go on Cruise

Cruises Offer Hassle and Stress Free Vacation

When you go on a cruise, packing and unpacking only happens one. You no longer need to drive around, search for a hotel or even wonder where you will be taking your next meal. A cruising experience lessens your concerns, takes away all the stresses and more importantly, it gives you much more time to actually enjoy your vacation.

Cruises Bring You Peace and Serenity

Cruises bring you out there, where there are no smog, traffic, pollution, and stress. You do not have to be disturbed by the constant ringing of telephones, the alarm clocks that never seem to stop, beepers, and the boggling chattering of the fax machines. Cruises give you serenity and peace and all you need to do is relish the wonders of the waters, the sky, the sea and landscapes, things that are simple yet will certainly touch your mind, body, and soul deeply.

Cruises Make You Feel Pampered Like No Other

Breakfast delivered right on your bed, soaking in hot tub, lounging

Cruising for Solo Travelers

Get a cabin for your own.

Some cruise packages may offer you to have a cabin mate but it’s better to get a solo room for yourself to feel total solitude. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with snores not coming from you in the middle of the night; or you don’t have to actually care about your things just lying on the bed whenever you go out.

Do solo activities.

Cruise ships are complete with impressive facilities that would not make you feel sorry you’re alone. Use the recreational facilities. Go for a massage. Hit the gym. Go for a rock-climbing experience. Swim. Go to the library. There are many things which one can do to continue with his/her solo escapades; without getting uncomfortable with the scrutinizing looks from the other passengers.

Sit on a table-for-two when dining.

Many solo cruisers would insist on sitting on a table for four even without a company, for the hope of being asked if the seats are taken. Chances are this would not happen. So to avoid

Honeymoon Cruise Packages

Costa Cruise Lines

Costa Cruise Line is an Italian vessel which will provide honeymoon cruise packages in Italian style. The motto of Costa Cruise Lines is “Cruising Italian Style… that’s Amore” and will feature European decor with Mediterranean restaurants on board, being able to distinguish their fleet from the rest. The Costa Cruise Honeymoon & Anniversary packages will include fresh flowers, complimentary silver frame, sparkling Italian wine, an official portrait session, a special cocktail party and Costa robes to take home for all newlyweds or those who want to celebrate an anniversary.

Disney Cruise Lines

This cruise company will provide family-friendly features with live Disney musical performances, extensive kids’ activities and Character dining. Disney Cruise Lines, however, will also be dedicated to honeymoon vacations in fairy style. The company will provide romantic destinations such as the Mediterranean or Europe, as well as special cruise packages for all honeymooners. The Disney Romantic Escape at Sea cruise package will include a Romance Basket with chocolates, priority seating in Palo, a restaurant only for adults, two robes, and a silver frame with a voucher for a picture session.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has won Cruise Critic

Europe Cruise Tour

A maximum number of river cruises are a week long, but some of the exotic trips can sometimes extend up to ten to fourteen days. Mostly the journey starts from some of the fantastic cities in Europe and includes an overnight stay on board. But in case this facility is not provided you should preferably plan a pre or post-cruise stay. Generally, the daily shore excursions are included in the fares that you have already paid while booking. Some rare cruise companies of Europe offer extra tour options on paying extra bucks.

European cruise tariffs typically covers accommodations, some selective meals, children’s club activities, kid’s entertainment and even some theatrical performances. But you must also note that there are several activities and services that are charged extra like spa treatments, casino, cocktails and special drinks.

These packages also include the cost of transportation between ports and you can enjoy visits to a lot of European cities without paying any extra money. Some of these voyages cover two large regions like Western Europe and the Baltic or the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. Some cruises even combine more than three countries all together.

Among all these regular

Dive in Cuban Culture

This place proudly holds and flaunts its cultural and traditional treasure, such as the buildings and the remains of colonial era. Even a few towns of Cuba have been honored by USNESCO and declared as the World Heritage Sites. These sites are as follows:

  • The old city of Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus)
  • The Castle of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro (Santiago de Cuba)
  • “Desembarco del Granma”- the national park
  • Fort Havana and the Habana Vieja’s historic city center
  • The remains of the La Gran Piedra’s French coffee plantations
  • The sugar factories near Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus)

Apart from all the cultural evidences, other towns of the Cuban are worth seeing. One can easily find beautiful buildings, churches, theatres, or old forts in almost every city of Cuba. The food factor of Cuban is yet another strong element of its culture and tradition. The current version of Cuban cuisine is strongly influenced by Andalucía and southern Spain. However it also contains strong hints of African plantations, traits of French, Italian and Chinese influence.

This assorted mix of cultures gave birth to lively flavors with distinctive spice and seasoning. Chicken, fish, pork, rice, sugar-cane, beans, yucca, pumpkin, coconut etc are some of

Antarctica Cruises

The cost for a small ship Antarctic cruise varies based on trip length, the ship and cabin selection, and travel dates. Typically the cruise fare is more inclusive than on larger cruise ship, covering accommodations, meals and some beverages, guide services, landing fees, shore excursions, Zodiac expeditions, rubber boots for shore landings, and expert presentations.

What is not included?

While each cruise to Antarctica varies, generally the fees usually don’t cover airfare to or from the point of embarkation/disembarkation, some soft drinks and most alcoholic beverages, tips to your guides, laundry and other items of a personal nature, and optional adventure activities.

Where you will go and what you will see.

Where you go affects not only just pricing, but your experience as well. The majority of 10 to 14-day expedition cruises depart from Ushuaia, located at the southernmost tip of Argentina, crossing the famed Drake Passage by sea or occasionally by air (with ship embarkation in the Peninsula region). Cruises then explore the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, each made up of small islands, channels and inlets. Expect to see tabular icebergs, ice sheets and glaciers, 4

Find Good Travel Agent Specializes in Cruises

You simply add the travel agents Skype name and ring them via video conference call. This beats sitting in a travel agents office waiting for them to become available. If you are unsure if they have a Skype account simply send them an email requesting their Skype name and you can be up and speaking with a cruiseagent in a matter of minutes.

CLIA affiliated agencies take advantages of many CLIA programs in order to better serve their cruising customers. CLIA agents receive up to the minute training from CLIA and the cruise line industry. Cruise Lines International Association agents will also have this as part of their affiliations listed on their site.

Cruise agents can serve as advisers, planners, and negotiators with the cruise line to help you get the best deal available. They also tend to purchase large amounts of cruises at certain times of the year and resell them to their customers at a low rate due to their bulk purchase. Groups looking to plan a vacation for a cruise can possibly save thousands when traveling with a cruise agent who has these berths already purchased at last year’s price. Therefore sometimes

Some Cruising Lessons

You don’t have to gain weight while on a cruise. If you are a fussy eater or vegetarian, there are plenty of choices. Fresh fruit and salads are plentiful. Food is everywhere and available all the time. You can have free ice cream, pizza and/or a burger in the grill area or eat meals in onboard restaurants (a complementary meal is often given to entice you to come back and pay the next time). There is an all you can eat buffet, the Trough, which is the most dangerous place to spend time. It is best to take tiny portions of the foods that sound interesting and then go back for a little extra of your favorites. Watch out for breads and starches, white sauces and cream-filled desserts.

There’s always plenty to do on board ship. Hmm, yes, there are many activities and the staff does a great job trying to keep folks entertained. Activities are more important for long periods of time (Alaska) on board, unlike island hopping in Hawaii, when you are off the ship quite a bit. Activities consist of a comedian, a singer, a couple bands, movies, karaoke, trivia games, a casino and

Croatia Cruises

The itinerary of your Croatia gulet can allow you to visit different magnificent ports such as Zadar, Split, Sibenik, Trogir and Dubrovnik where you will experience coastal towns with rich natural beauty, culture and history. On your Croatia cruises you will come across different islands where your gulet can make stopovers thus allowing you to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, jet skiing, and so forth. As your gulet cruises over the pleasurable waters of the Adriatic you can enjoy sunbathing at the front deck or even sipping fine wine on the shaded cushion seats on the opposite deck as you sail past exotic lush green sceneries all around.

In comparison to the blue cruises in Turkey, Croatia gulet cruises allow you to spend every evening in a different island or town. There are therefore many possibilities that your itinerary can take including visiting the top ten most pleasant islands in Hvar plus visiting features such as the Krka Islands and areas such as Korcula, Mljet, Kornati Islands and Elafite Islands.

The prices of Croatia cruises have really come down over the past few years thanks to a strong competition base and you can now find great offers

Cruising in Winter

San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521. It is famous for its many beautiful beaches, hotels, museums and other tourist attractions that make it one of the most popular ports of call for all cruise lines. Several historical structures dating from its earliest days under Spanish rule include Fort San Cristóbal, Fort San Felipe del Morro, and La Fortaleza, which is the oldest executive mansion continually occupied in the Americas. When cruising the Caribbean, be sure to check out Old San Juan, located on Isleta de San Juan and offering a connection to the main island in the form of a causeway and two bridges. Old San Juan is an architecture lover’s dream, with several residences and forts in the classic Spanish design, including a house once owned and occupied by founder Ponce de Leon and his family.

St. Maarten. Located on the southern half of the island of St. Martin, St. Maarten was colonized by Dutch settlers in the early 1500s but was first claimed by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Popular tourist destinations include white sandy beaches, and numerous British and Dutch era forts, including Fort Amsterdam.

Cruising to Dubrovnik

You can enjoy a wonderful day tour from Dubrovnik, to the Peljesac peninsula, a spectacular 40-mile stretch of land running north from Dubrovnik along the coast, where vines have flourished on the well-drained, sunny slopes since the time of the Greeks, and some fine wines are produced, notably the celebrated Dingac wine (also known as the King of Croatian red wines) from the plavac mali grapes which are similar to the Californian Zinfandel. Grapes are picked by hand as the terrain is so steep and rocky. Visit three of the more prominent local cellars for wine tastings with your guide who is a WSET Diploma Holder/Certified wine educator and certified sommelier and you can enjoy a superb gourmet lunch at the ancient fortified town of Ston.

Ston itself is well worth a visit on a day tour from Dubrovnik, its low white stone houses nestling in a sheltered bay, almost completely encircled by a wall that snakes over the surrounding hillsides rather like a miniature version of the Great Wall of China. It’s famous for its oysters and mussels which you can also taste, and for its salt pans which produced the region’s most profitable export for

Some Greatest Rivers in Germany

Moselle River

The Moselle River flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany before joining the mighty Rhine River.

The surrounding area around the Moselle River is famous for producing wine and approximately 60 per cent of vineyards in the Mosel area grow Riesling.

Main River

The Main River is approximately 327 miles long and it flows beside many of Germany’s major towns and cities such as Frankfurt, Mainz, Wurzburg and Obernburg.

Frankfurt being located beside the Main River means that it is often a popular stop-off destination for river cruises and people visiting the city on river cruises will be able to get a glimpse of two of the tallest skyscrapers in the European Union.

Neckar River

The Neckar River is another popular route for river cruise tours as it is a right-bank tributary of the Rhine River in south western Germany.

The 228-mile long river flows through Stuttgart and through many other picturesque towns and villages as well as flowing through stunning valleys and forests.

Danube River

The Danube River begins in western Germany and passes through an amazing nine countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria,

All about Cuba

· Baracoa

Baracoa is located in Cuchillas de Toa. It is the largest tropical forest in Cuba that is spread in the 2083 square kilometre of land. You will find greenery all around and get an exclusive, intimate view of the wildlife in its natural state. Earlier this city was the capital of Cuba and is totally surrounded with small mountains that give the tourist an exotic vista.

· Peninsula de Zapata

Here you will find dangerous animals like the Cuban crocodile. Peninsula de Zapta is the largest Caribbean swamp and encompasses many of Cuba’s major municipalities. The area is secluded and remains mostly abandoned, but the endangered species are here to enchant the tourist that visits this astounding destination.

· Pinar del Rio

This region has some of the best coffee plantations in the world, stretching over a thousand square kilometre area. Pinar del Rio is occupied with artists who are deeply involved in environmentally friendly activities. Here you can enjoy bird watching in the vast lush green area. Visiting this area will touch your soul with its peace and beauty.

· Pico Turquino

Cuba’s highest mountains ranges are located

See Sights on Luxury Baltic Cruise

Suomenlinna in Helsinki

A visit to what was once the greatest sea fortress in the Baltic is a short ferry ride away, but is a spectacular sight to see. Catacombs and old fortifications mix with restaurants and grounds that are excellent for picnics, making a trip to Suomenlinna the ideal place for a taste of Finnish history.

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

The centre of St Petersburg is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, and this is one of the best. The Hermitage itself is a wonderful piece of architectural work, and inside you can find priceless paintings by the likes of Da Vinci, Michealangelo and Rembrandt. The museum is home to over 3 million pieces from across the globe so there is plenty to see.

The archipelago in Stockholm

The natural beauty of the Swedish city should not go unappreciated. The city itself is made up of 14 islands connected by around 50 bridges, and this kind of landscape continues with the archipelago which is made up of around 24,000 islands. This makes for great fun in the form of island hopping and ferries can take passengers all round the

Luxury Baltic Cruise

Suomenlinna in Helsinki

A visit to what was once the greatest sea fortress in the Baltic is a short ferry ride away, but is a spectacular sight to see. Catacombs and old fortifications mix with restaurants and grounds that are excellent for picnics, making a trip to Suomenlinna the ideal place for a taste of Finnish history.

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

The centre of St Petersburg is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, and this is one of the best. The Hermitage itself is a wonderful piece of architectural work, and inside you can find priceless paintings by the likes of Da Vinci, Michealangelo and Rembrandt. The museum is home to over 3 million pieces from across the globe so there is plenty to see.

The archipelago in Stockholm

The natural beauty of the Swedish city should not go unappreciated. The city itself is made up of 14 islands connected by around 50 bridges, and this kind of landscape continues with the archipelago which is made up of around 24,000 islands. This makes for great fun in the form of island hopping and ferries can take passengers all round the

Info of North To Alaska

Getting there was an adventure in itself. It is too bad though that today the globe trotting traveler is caught in all the imposed security protocols that have now taken over debarkation points all over the world. Gone is the sophistication and refinement associated with travelers of that bye gone era. Many a time I have been taken back by the way most Americans dress when they travel. About 99{fcda63cc565aa7cfbe404283493d0d1ca101953cd59f3ca9bfe541f2a37914e8} of the time you can tell an American just by the way they are dressed. It is no wonder many Europeans especially Italians think Americans are very sloppy just because of their attire. With sport coat in hand we finally made it through the security lines and boarded the flight to San Francisco.

This, my second time visiting the city by the bay. Home to Fisherman’s Wharf and the fine culinary fare that San Francisco is famous for. The swordfish was a sublime delicacy. Taking a 10 day cruise up the West Coast into Glacier Bay, Alaska is a must for any seafaring traveler. Our journey started sailing under the Golden Gate where we all said goodbye to that city by the bay until our return. On

Popularity of Antarctic Travel

Such adventures are now possible via a number of ships that travel the waterways of the Southern Hemisphere, exposing passengers to a plethora of wildlife and captivating vistas. Travel in the Antarctic has become more popular recently, but began in the 1950s with a naval transportation ship carrying more than 500 passengers who paid to be ferried through the region from South Shetland Island.

Those considering where to book Antarctic cruises should choose to do so with a company boasting a long history of travel in the area. It is also a good idea to examine how committed the travel company is to the protection of Antarctic landscapes.

While it is difficult for many people to imagine the enormity of Antarctica, some details help provide travellers with a sense of what they will encounter. For example, Antarctica receives the lowest amount of precipitation in the world, but holds more than 65{fcda63cc565aa7cfbe404283493d0d1ca101953cd59f3ca9bfe541f2a37914e8} of the world’s fresh water.

Antarctic vistas are peppered with icebergs that form when the edge of the ice sheet breaks off. Only the top quarter of an iceberg is visible above the water’s surface. The ice sheet itself is up to 4 kilometers

Information of Disney Baltic Cruise

Day 1; We arrived at the port in Copenhagen, Denmark around 1:00pm, though you can board as early as 11am. We gave ourselves 3 hours to board (the ship sets sail at 4pm) so that we could explore Copenhagen before we left on our vacation. This day included us exploring the boat and signing up for kids clubs. One of the amazing things about Disney, is their kids clubs. They have rooms for different aged kids to go hang out in, participate in activities and make new friends. This gives parents a chance to have some time alone and know their children are safe and having fun. After exploring the boat, everyone came together at Deck 9 to set sail and have fun during “Mickey’s Sailing Away Party.” During this, everyone waves to the passengers staying in Copenhagen & dances along with Mickey & his friends on stage. Once this is over, we headed to the 6:30pm theater show. Depending on the dinner time you request (6:00pm or 8:30pm) you will either watch the theater show at 6:30pm or 8:30pm, the opposite time that your eating dinner. I absolutely love the shows. Disney does an amazing job coming

Fun in the Tropical Caribbean Sun

Adventure junkies:

There is a marvelous zip-line called the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line. Starting from the Labadee Mountain, adrenaline addicts soar 500 feet above the beach and ocean for 2,600 feet to the sandy beach below. The journey down can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour. We love zip-lines and this one blends exhilaration with a panoramic view of your ship, the Haitian mountains, and all the beach activity below.

Another heart thumper is the Dragon’s Tail Coaster that races down the Labadee Mountain and roars through a series of curves and dips, at breathtaking speed. These nuevo-roller coasters are getting very popular. We did a similar ride in Jamaica, and it too was a thrill a minute.

For those more interested in water excitement, wave runners are available, as is a multi-passenger high-speed boat adventure.

For something a little less unsettling, try snorkeling in the clear waters or sea kayaking along the peaceful shore.

Taking to the sand, your ship’s crew may give you an opportunity to best them at a fun game of beach volleyball.

Sedentary sailors:

If you are a vacationer seeking more relaxation than exhilaration, you