All about Cuba

· Baracoa

Baracoa is located in Cuchillas de Toa. It is the largest tropical forest in Cuba that is spread in the 2083 square kilometre of land. You will find greenery all around and get an exclusive, intimate view of the wildlife in its natural state. Earlier this city was the capital of Cuba and is totally surrounded with small mountains that give the tourist an exotic vista.

· Peninsula de Zapata

Here you will find dangerous animals like the Cuban crocodile. Peninsula de Zapta is the largest Caribbean swamp and encompasses many of Cuba’s major municipalities. The area is secluded and remains mostly abandoned, but the endangered species are here to enchant the tourist that visits this astounding destination.

· Pinar del Rio

This region has some of the best coffee plantations in the world, stretching over a thousand square kilometre area. Pinar del Rio is occupied with artists who are deeply involved in environmentally friendly activities. Here you can enjoy bird watching in the vast lush green area. Visiting this area will touch your soul with its peace and beauty.

· Pico Turquino

Cuba’s highest mountains ranges are located here with uniquely beautiful steep slopes. You can go on a side voyage of Fidel’s jungle headquarters. It is essential to take a Guide along with you as they will be able to lead you in and out of the gigantic trees and dense undergrowth; they can point out features you may miss.

· Isla de la Juventud

If you love underwater adventure, then this place is ideal. A boat ride is available from Marina Siguanea to the white sand beach. Apart from this, Pared de Coral Negro and Cueva Azul are the best dive spots in Cova. Here you can find angelfish, barracuda, sea turtle and groupers.

· Parque Nacional Topes de Collantes

It is one of the largest national parks on the border of Trinidad. If you want peace and tranquillity after the noise of civilization then you must visit this place. It has wonderful hiking trails that lead you to a panoramic view of Cuba as well as breathtaking waterfalls.