Cruising for Solo Travelers

Get a cabin for your own.

Some cruise packages may offer you to have a cabin mate but it’s better to get a solo room for yourself to feel total solitude. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with snores not coming from you in the middle of the night; or you don’t have to actually care about your things just lying on the bed whenever you go out.

Do solo activities.

Cruise ships are complete with impressive facilities that would not make you feel sorry you’re alone. Use the recreational facilities. Go for a massage. Hit the gym. Go for a rock-climbing experience. Swim. Go to the library. There are many things which one can do to continue with his/her solo escapades; without getting uncomfortable with the scrutinizing looks from the other passengers.

Sit on a table-for-two when dining.

Many solo cruisers would insist on sitting on a table for four even without a company, for the hope of being asked if the seats are taken. Chances are this would not happen. So to avoid being asked (and a bit embarrassed) if you are alone, you should find a seat intended for two only. Unless, of course, that your main purpose is to actually meet people – and possible partners.

Meet other solo cruisers, but do not insist.

There is a great possibility that you are not the only one doing solo flight in the luxury ship. If you see other people who are traveling alone too, you can approach them in an unassuming manner and make friends. But while it’s a good thing to do, it may defy your or his/her purpose for traveling alone. So if you really want to meet other people, be sensitive on whether they want to meet you too or not.