Fun in the Tropical Caribbean Sun

Adventure junkies:

There is a marvelous zip-line called the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line. Starting from the Labadee Mountain, adrenaline addicts soar 500 feet above the beach and ocean for 2,600 feet to the sandy beach below. The journey down can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour. We love zip-lines and this one blends exhilaration with a panoramic view of your ship, the Haitian mountains, and all the beach activity below.

Another heart thumper is the Dragon’s Tail Coaster that races down the Labadee Mountain and roars through a series of curves and dips, at breathtaking speed. These nuevo-roller coasters are getting very popular. We did a similar ride in Jamaica, and it too was a thrill a minute.

For those more interested in water excitement, wave runners are available, as is a multi-passenger high-speed boat adventure.

For something a little less unsettling, try snorkeling in the clear waters or sea kayaking along the peaceful shore.

Taking to the sand, your ship’s crew may give you an opportunity to best them at a fun game of beach volleyball.

Sedentary sailors:

If you are a vacationer seeking more relaxation than exhilaration, you are in luck at Labadee. Try lathering up with sunscreen and spreading out on a floating beach mat on the tranquil warm waters of Labadee’s Columbus Cove or Nellie’s Beach. Ahhh, paradise.

Too much sun? Ask one of the friendly beach attendants for a chaise lounge under a tree or you can capture one of the many hammocks hanging between palm trees. Swing, read, relax and watch the birds and frantic zip-liners, or take a well-deserved nap. It is all there for your vacation enjoyment.

Don’t forget the kids

There is an aqua park for the kiddies loaded with big fun stuff, and kids and adults alike will enjoy the outdoor pavilion where native dancers and entertainers perform for the guests.

Getting hungry, thirsty?

There are three complimentary food facilities serving a hearty barbeque lunch of buffet style finger foods, and drinks a la tropical. For those who do not believe in a free lunch, there are many opportunities to spend some money on other restaurant fare and beverages. The choice is yours.


Labadee offers myriad ways to remember your special cruise vacation with island gifts and coveted treasures.

There’s a cash-only Artisan’s Market where you can practice your bargaining skills. There are also other facilities where you can use your on-board credit card or cash to purchase sundries like sunglasses, T-shirts, etc.

The port of Labadee is pure enjoyment for people of all ages, and we were most happy that it was included on our cruise itinerary.