Luxury Baltic Cruise

Suomenlinna in Helsinki

A visit to what was once the greatest sea fortress in the Baltic is a short ferry ride away, but is a spectacular sight to see. Catacombs and old fortifications mix with restaurants and grounds that are excellent for picnics, making a trip to Suomenlinna the ideal place for a taste of Finnish history.

The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

The centre of St Petersburg is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, and this is one of the best. The Hermitage itself is a wonderful piece of architectural work, and inside you can find priceless paintings by the likes of Da Vinci, Michealangelo and Rembrandt. The museum is home to over 3 million pieces from across the globe so there is plenty to see.

The archipelago in Stockholm

The natural beauty of the Swedish city should not go unappreciated. The city itself is made up of 14 islands connected by around 50 bridges, and this kind of landscape continues with the archipelago which is made up of around 24,000 islands. This makes for great fun in the form of island hopping and ferries can take passengers all round the archipelago.