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A girl having fun

A lot of guys want to be the cool, suave guy. They want to be the stoic James Bond type who smoothly and aloofly maneuvers his way through an interaction and ends up with a girl in his bed.

But a lot of guys neglect the fact that even Bond had to go through a whole lot of BS to get to that point.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The fact is: And the fact is: You have to have a very particular kind amerikan pussy personality to be that way. However, a lot of guys can learn how to have fun and greatly boost their results with women. I was feeling a little frustrated because we had just spent 45 minutes with two cute girls who were really into us, but who then ran off randomly after admitting that they both had boyfriends.

And I was definitely a little down on the prospect of having to reopen and rebuild rapport with new girls.

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But as soon as I had that thought, two even cuter girls popped into the scene.