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Alina ling

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Ling movement calls for the experiencing of art in its intended and curated spaces, to explore the relationship between art and its space, art and its nature, and art and its viewer.

The participant enters a dark room, which consists of a chair and a wall of alarm clocks. The dreams shown are recollections of dreams from other participants, where they are collected alina viewed as story.

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Digital works can be characterised by numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability and transcoding. An algorithmic pattern of code is constructed using units through systems that reads and manipulates such units to produce a desired outcome. In our project, mathematical code serves as building blocks that shapes the processes through open-source tools, such as processing and arduino.

Each system have different components that work together and the systems function connectively as a whole. The foundation of computer programming is built upon this principle, where it allows for autonomy of individual parts as well as the alina between them as a system.

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However, each system is wired ling can exist on their own. With the involvement of human interaction, unpredictability serves as a variable in digital works.

The duration and the environment projection and light changes according the how a arla crane decides to interact with the space. New media works blend two seemingly contradicting components, media and data through computerisation.

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Concepts Exploring the concept of interstice as dreams — metaphorical gaps between reality. Dreams occur during our sleep, where we are unconscious and not in control of what we see.