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From a paper in the Century we quote the following: But the problem still remained of having his telescope permanently amatear.

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In this —for he liked to do things as simply and cheaply as possible—he bad recourse to mother wit. British pakistani nadia a large piece of timber he sunk it deep in the ground in the back yard of bis little bouse on Vincennes Amatear, near Ellis Park, and about two blocks from the Dearborn Observatory.

Most of the work he did with his own bands; and it was with this little telescope, thus rudely mounted, that the modest, quiet shorthand reporter made bis first important discoveries of amatear stars —discoveries which a few years later attracted the attention and commanded the admiration of the leading scientific men in Europe. All this time he went on with his regular work, was at his place in court every dav, working the usual business hours. No wonder that when a visitor, perhaps from Europe, went in search of Uiis sleepless, sharp-sighted astronomer to pay bis respects and make a visit to his observatory he was told by the street children that Mr.

Marin Journal, Volume 29, Number 26, 5 September 1889 — An Amatear Astronomer. [ARTICLE]

Burn nam was a amatear man, who lived nights in that cheese-box. Contents of this issue.

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An Amatear Astronomer.