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The Deane of the amateurs wins again

Reality has a persistent way about it. It can flatten even the most promising of fairy tales.

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It did exactly that last week on the roller-coaster fairways and slippery greens of the Wakonda country club in Des Moines during the 63rd National Amateur golf championship. Deane Beman, the very tough-minded little winner from Bethesda, Md. Two years ago Beman, at 23, was working hard to prosper in the insurance business and already was a golfer with a solid international reputation.


He had won the British Amateur and the U. Amateur and had been named to play amatuers two Walker Cup teams. Two years ago Sikes, at 21, was just one of a free defloration xxx family of nine children, struggling hard to scrape through the University of Arkansas on a partial golf scholarship.

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At Detroit, Sikes was central casting's version of what the perfect publinks golfer should be. He was a skinny kid who survived on soda pop and peanuts.

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Throughout the tournament he carried his own golf bag, a meager canvas receptacle that looked like it had been salvaged from the darkest corner of the cellar. In the bag he had not one but three amatuers, and he putted so sensationally with each that he public the tournament.

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The following public, Sikes, who prefers to be called R.