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Anal orgasms

Are Anal Orgasms Real? Hell Yes, And Here Are 6 Ways To Get There

This article is part of the Beducated Female Orgasm Series. You can browse all 8 Female Orgasms here. When it comes to pleasure, there are many doors that lead to orgasms. One of the most overlooked doors, is the anal door, a. What is an anal orgasm?

Yes, Anal Orgasms Are Real—Here's How To Have One

Is that even possible? There are often two reactions to the anal orgasm. You have experience with anal stimulation and are completely turned-on to the idea.

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Or, you are already clenching your rear in fear. It is common to feel the latter, as stigma around the anal orgasm has existed for centuries.

Anal Orgasms Are Real—Here's How to Have One

A generally closed mindset around sex, in general, has fostered a profound, yet totally unnecessary, shame around anal sex. For years, anal sex was deemed as a dangerous sin.

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To this day, it still remains hush-hush. The best part?