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Bad dragon tentacle

Ever fantasize about having sex with a dragon? They specialize in fantasy dildos crafted from premium silicone with meticulous attention to detail.

I found several dildos that look like they would be a lot of fun to try tentacle it was hard to decide but I ended up choosing The Tentacle because it looked like one of the most unusual.

Some toys even come with an optional cum tube. I ordered the medium size Tentacle in firm silicone and citrus orange color. The Tentacle comes in three sizes and you can choose from three levels crossdresser anal sex video firmness.

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You can take your pick of 10 solid colors or have them surprise youa toy exclusive striped option or three custom colors. Dragon Tentacle is one heavy chunk of silicone. Seriously, the base on this thing is massive.

Review: Bad Dragon Tentacle | Ruffled Sheets

It gets a little hard to hold bad and my arm got tired after awhile. First, I used The Tentacle with the suckers facing up toward my dragon spot. But it was fine because I enjoyed shallow thrusting more than going deep with it.

Bad was enjoying myself for awhile that way when my arm started to give out and I found it hard to keep a tentacle on the base.

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The suckers are what I felt the most and that was mainly at my vaginal entrance. It was quite a unique sensation.