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Belly inflation dream

Last night, I had a half scary dream.


When I woke up early now at 6: I remember at the start is I was alone in the bar and drink the grape wine, inflation was the famous horror movie character named Jason Voorhees but that's not a real Jason. It is a dark humanoid creature with Jason's murderer mask as a dark monster parody of Jason. I remember watching that horror movie is Freddy Vs.

Jason and Jason X at once with few of my relatives when I was 10 and I stop watching them anymore since they are too scary with killing and gore. I remember it walk up behind me to knock me out and he look through my memories but after a minute Dream coughed and woke up.

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I run away and it never bother chasing me. I don't remember what it saw through my head.

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Suddenly, I was shot by some dark soldiers with guns. However, I'm not dead and I got puff up instead.

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The other shoot me belly Mariana cordoba tour inflate a bit again. The more each blast shoot me and the more I inflate a bit and stop after a bit.