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Looking down from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, the sunshine sparkles off the sky blue waters of sasha gray hogtied Atlantic Ocean bigarses a billion camera flashes. Down on the flat lands where the rich people live, concrete tower blocks sprout through the vegetation.

Big Arses And Other Things To See In Rio De Janeiro | Look At All The Poor People

As the gradient gets steeper, favelas cling like limpets to the sides of mountains. Despite appearances, Rio de Janeiro is not paradise. Our first stop on a fifteen month backpacking trip around the world, we arrived at the height of summer with the faint odour of citrus and rotting fish wafting through the streets. Wherever you go in Rio there are people 11 to 13 million at the best bigarses squeezed on to bigarses single inch of habitable land.

Big Arses And Other Things To See In Rio De Janeiro

Jobs are created for the sake of it. In elevators there are people employed to press the buttons.

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Security guards never patrol in groups of less than three. It makes for a busy, sweaty and noisy city. I have been wondering for some time whether my wheelchair makes us a more or less likely target for machine gun wielding, favela dwelling muggers.

When we first arrived, we would walk to and from our hostel in Botafogo briskly at night time with a sense of purpose.