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Could you trade seats with Blake so she and I can sit together? I asked Tod, but he's got some medical thing.

Christa B Allen Casual Long Wavy Hairstyle - Blonde Hair Color

Christa Marsh is a character in the film Jelena jensen hd Destination. She is a high school student and one of the casualties aboard the doomed Flight Christa and Blake Dreyer were almost always seen together and Tod Waggner had a major crush on the two. Both of them got on the plane and politely asked Alex Christa to change seats so they could sit together. After he moved, the plane began to malfunction and exploded, killing Christa.

Christa B Allen Long Wavy Casual Hairstyle - Blonde Hair Color

Christa and Blake are best friends and pretty girls. After Christa and Blake board Flight to Paris with the rest of their French class, Blake asks Tod if he can trade seats with Christa so they can sit together.

Tod tells them both he has a bladder infection so he can sit with Blake. The girls go to ask Alex instead, who is currently having his premonition.

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Alex turns toward Christa and Blake after they get his attention. Christa asks if Alex can trade seats with Blake, and explains what Tod told them. Alex agrees to move next christa Tod, blonde Christa and Blake end up sitting blonde row