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Build a pornstar

Porn stars are known for their seductive looks, so you might decide to copy their style to show off your sex appeal. The key to looking park nema a porn star is picking a sexy outfit that shows off your assets. Additionally, care for your body so your skin looks smooth and glowing.

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Contour and highlighter can create the look of high cheekbones and make you look more glamorous. Use a lip liner instead of lipstick if you want more staying power. First, pornstar your lips with the end of the pencil. Then, use the side of the tip to color in the rest of your lip.

For a budget option, mist your face with aerosol hairspray.

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Do sit-ups, crunches, and planks to develop a killer six pack and a flat stomach. Push-ups, bench build, and flyes curling weights horizontally towards your chest will all help you develop a rock-hard chest.