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Butt spanking

The championships take place in Russia and derive from the more brutal men's slapping tournament, which involves hitting each other in the face as hard as possible.

I Went To A Spanking Party And DAMN, My Ass Still Hasn't Recovered

Extraordinary footage shows two women dressed in figure-hugging tracksuits taking turns spanking each other. Unlike the male Slapping Championships, the sport aims to avoid causing any serious injury to the opponent. Past champion Anastasia Zolotaya regularly updates her followers with snaps of her fitness regime and has posted a clip of her extensive workout, which shows her butt her backside.

Streamer Logan Paul pulled out of spanking Slapping Championships last month after knocking a man unconscious during practice. The year-old said in a statement: Kristanna loken naked pics, I feel my decision will preserve the health and wellness of everyone competing.

Is It Legal to Spank Your Kids? | ParentMap

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Knuckle punch Anthony Joshua gets new finger tattoo to cover boxing calluses.