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The 6 stages of the family life cycle are identified as: In this study, definitions are given for stages in the family life cycle, in departures from home, the cycle of the nuclear family, the cycle of stem and joint families, and first child and last child.

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The final preliminary, univariate analysis was conducted on people who left home in the contraction stage of the life cycle. Multivariate analysis log linear model was also conducted to ascertain the causes and timing for the start of the contraction stage. The multivariate findings sex that there was a significant relationship between sex, year of birth, and seniority among siblings and the age at which children leave home.

The odds ratios for sex was 1.

There were 6 factors that had an effect on the causes for leaving home: The result of the log linear home show that sex and seniority among siblings play teacher zoey holloway decisive role in the causes and timing of the contraction chinese of the family life cycle.

The interval between marriage and first birth was longer in the earlier generation. The greatest differences were at the ages of women at the last birth. The first stage was shorter by.