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I n the last few years, young adult fiction has become to Hollywood studios what Nirvana -esque alternative rock bands were to record labels in the s: Studios are also moving beyond just series and adapting one-off YA novels as narrative films.

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So many of the gioia biel examples of past and present YA fiction clasic been written by women, or have female protagonists. In print and on-screen, this is a rare part of American pop culture in which society sees itself through a female perspective.

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So while Hollywood is looking, here are eight other young adult classics we'd like to see adapted — or rebooted — for the big screen. The central character is Karana, a young girl who finds herself stranded alone on movies island home, with her family dead and her people movies to the mainland by settlers.

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And they stand out as among the best examples of how to transform stories aimed at young people into films without winding up with a simpering kids' movie. Here, Travis Harris is a young, badass teenage poet who catches his evil stepfather burning his writing and attacks him.

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Travis is then sent from the big city to a farm outside of Tulsa to live with his uncle. But what makes him and other Hinton characters more than caricatures is the way she imbues that James Dean-ish American male archetype with genuine pathos adult sensitivity.

Eight classic young adult novels that deserve the Hollywood treatment

In attempting to celebrate that, directors including Coppola have blown out the romantic woundedness angle; the story often becomes a ham-handed declaration that young adult have feelings too.

I nominate Sofia Coppola, whose film Somewhere managed clasic portray a womanizing, degenerate, nihilistic film star Stephen Dorff as empathetic without letting him off the hook for being a douchebag.


Meg Murry is a restless and nerdy young girl, the daughter of scientists and the older sister of jock twin boys and a supergenius younger brother.