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Trample leaning: A beginner’s guide to crush fetishism | drmarkgriffiths

May Posted by drmarkgriffiths. Crush fetishism is a sexual fetish in which an individual derives sexual arousal from watching or fantasizing about someone of the opposite sex crushing items e. Racquel darien latter variant is a type of sexual masochism. There are also fettish phone sex services that cater for crush fetishism suggesting overlaps with telephonicophilia i.


As the trampling crush produces pain, trampling fetishes are considered a variant of sado-masochism. Crush fetishism has also been associated with formicophiliaa sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from insects.

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For instance, in the journal Cultural Entomology, G. Pearson North Carolina State University, USAdescribed the fetishistic behaviour where people get sexual pleasure from watching insects, worms and spiders being squashed particularly men watching women doing it.

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If the fantasy or behaviour involves giant fettish, it is often considered a variant of macrophilia i.