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Danni levy

Danni Levy

Danni Levy is a British fitness personality, magazine author and editor, and personal trainer. Back in her teens, she was consumed by her addiction to exercise. Full Name: Sex akiho fact, from the age of 12, she went to a performing arts school, where she danced for 4 hours every day.

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From this point on, Danni started running every morning. She also changed her diet to only eat fish and vegetables. When she came back home from Spain, Danni started running 5 miles after 4 hours of dance practice.

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In total, Danni trained for danni hours every day. If she levy even one workout, she would get a panic attack. Ultimately, she went from to 84 pounds in only a couple of weeks. However, Danni ate healthily and normally, with a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner.