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Dirty girl selfies

Selfies have been around dirty before mobile phones were equipped with cameras.

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But when geniuses started building cameras into phones, people became obsessed with taking the perfect selfie. And because selfies picture is worth a selfies words, a selfie can, in fact, tell a few stories.

Nasty selfies of hot girls

The next 15 photos tell one common story, though—that of an attractive girl's messy room. While these ladies may have perfected the art of the perfect selfie, they've also made known to the world how incredibly messy their personal spaces are. Worry not, though, as these cluttered rooms were most likely put back together by some of these celebs' personal assistants, or at least we hope they did. Check out the messy but dirty lives of mikeapartment selfie pros.

Naked Girls from Snapchat

Kim Kardashian is arguably the queen of selfies. With her perfect hourglass-shaped body and makeup that's always on fleek, it's no wonder that girl reality TV star-turned-businesswoman and makeup entrepreneur Girl Kardashian West would thoroughly enjoy taking selfies. The mom of two and wife to rapper Kanye West showed off her rockin' bod and her super toned abs in this glam selfie featuring her daughter, North West, but apparently forgot that she was in what looked like a very messy dressing room.