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The DLATS is a range of pluggable dataline dlats protector with remote fault signaling feature which allows the user to detect remotely a faulty surge protector.

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The product is made with a monitoring module which controls, through a wire bus, the status of the surge protective modules. In case of operation of an internal disconnection mechanism of the one or several surge protective modules, the monitoring module will send the information through the closing of a electrical contact. In the same time, the front LED of the defective surge protective modules, normally green color, will turn red.

Thanks to the pluggable construction, the defective module will be easely the playgirl veronica hart by a new one.

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One monitoring module, dlats by 24 Vdc, could manage up to 24 surge protective modules. The surge protective modules are based of Gas tube and fast clamping diodes association for high discharge capabilty and low clamping level.

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