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She hangs out with Randi Lee so I bet she is one of her escort friends. I see her pic on Instagram so I wonder who she is.

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That ass is so insanely disgusting out of proportion with the rest of her body. I bet if she was walking down the hoe stroll of Kingsway with that ass and the cops would pull her over. This fake ass epidemic is out of control. Hey Nik, what do you think?


Fyi, never has been, never will be…. The government are the biggest pimps cause they tax hoes more than average business owners.

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Elnaz calm ur simple ass down n turn urself out. She posts all over IG all the money she makes by whoring herself out, then calls everybody haters. Normal people go out elnaz earn a real living, they dont just take it in the ass from strangers for cash. The ass that goes on from this woman loni evans blowjob just out of control.

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