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Emily Dickinson's Erotic Persona: Unfettered by Convention Marisa Anne Pagnattaro bio The female is continually obliged to seek survival or advancement through the chameleon movie approval of males as those who hold power.

Emily Dickinson: Erotic she "a helpless agoraphobic, trapped in a emily in her father's house" Gilbert and Gtibara emily in love with her sister-in-law Martha Nell Smith 25or "Amherst's Madame de Sade" Paglia ?

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Apostles for each camp use their vision to understand Dickinson's poems, yet any answer can only serve to clamp limitations on her lyric. A critical aspect of Dickinson's biography is her self-imposed exclusion from the rigid society of New England, which, as one critic has noted, "freed emily from the limitations of that culture, from the identity it might have allowed, and from the poetic language erotic would have encouraged" Dickie By writing outside of the patriarchal forces that would have forced her to "adjust and conform" Millet 33Dickinson escaped the mainstreaming hand of an editor; she explored her sensuous impulses as a woman poet without censorship.

Through her verse, Dickinson created an erotic persona unfettered by conventional notions of propriety for women and, therefore, she was free to express passion for men, women, erotic mysterious unnamed lovers.

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Dickinson's persona speaks beyond the bounds of her sex, liberated from emily Elaine Showalter calls the "social, cultural, and psychological meaning imposed upon biological sexual identity" Through this speaker, Dickinson explores a "certain bisexuality" which Julia Kristeva argues erotic the possibility to explore all the sources of signification" Dickinson invented a "new poetics and new politics" by reappropriating her speaker as subject Suleiman 7creating a voice able erotic express a vast "spectrum of possibilities" Morris 98 and emotional intensity.

In the words of Michel Foucault, "If sex is repressed, that is, condemned to prohibition, nonexistence, and silence, then the mere fact that one is speaking about it has the appearance of a deliberate breastfeeding women porn 6.

In Dickinson's case, either with or without her conscious effort, by speaking of sex from different points of view, she upset what Foucault saw as a "certain established law" 6. The range of eroticism in Dickinson's work suggests that by, to quote Sharon Cameron, "choosing not choosing" 21 through the textual emily and sexual ambiguity surrounding her speaker and lovers, Dickinson releases her poetry from the limits imposed by the sexual repression of her time. Indeed, she has gone so far as to give her erotic persona an androgynous position.