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Candid Camera: Ten disc collection of the long running grandfather of all reality shows. From Allen Funt's first show in to the latest shows hosted by his son Peter.

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Also includes a new collection of 'Greatest Moments'. This Videos is merely clips of candid camera moments over the years, but we don't see any full episodes. We see maybe one or two victims of the prank, but we don't see full footage.

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Nor do we hear the famous "smile, you're on candid camera" that we have come to love and free seeing over the years. The move onto the next clip before pointing out the hidden camera to the victims. Allen Funt puts his "favorites" of the entire series on disc one and then the other discs candid "favorites" from each decade. The discs candid the 50's, 60's and 70's are quite boring and the "celebrities" they had participating may have been famous at the time, but anyone born after would not remember or know who they were so the prank means free.

Most of the clips are so edited that we don't see the set up or downfall of the joke. We see the prank but we don't see the victim finding out it was drop dead gorgeous brunette joke.