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The present volume focuses on the jurisprudence of national, supranational and international jurisdictions and quasi-juridictions as regards the legal status of same-sex couples. As a consequence, the book tries to convey the complexities and controversies that derive from the judicial recognition of same-sex couples across the world, taking always into account the relationship of the judiciary with the executive and the legislature and the related problems of legitimacy and democracy.

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The volume deals with this issue and considers it as a crucial test for modern democracies and contemporary societies. The text contains twenty-three expertly written chapters, each illuminating in its own right, but collectively providing a comprehensive and enlightening overview of the state of legal developments in this area. A State Level Perspective.

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Different Approaches, Similar Outcomes: Following the Legislative Leaders: Same-Sex Couples sex France and Belgium: The Resilient Practice of Judicial Deference. At the Crossroads Between Privacy and Community: Judicial Restraint and Political Responsibility: JavaScript is currently disabled, this site samatha 38g much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.


Law International, Foreign and Comparative Law. Free Preview. First comprehensive study on free, international and supranational case law related to same-sex couples Written by both researchers and practitioners in the relevant fields Preview reference book for academics, attorneys, judges and policy makers see more benefits.