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Frivolous dress

You still look very frivolous though and I would like to have a little bit colder weather on this side of the world, just so that my winter clothes make more sense because it's been so warm for winter lately.

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Take care! Waves does always look pretty, even with the rural wear!

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Wow, we are wearing SUCH different clothing since we moved here!! Great post, honey!!!

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I would feel frustrated too if I had to dress with only practicality in mind or if I had to wear a uniform at work. I would try other ways to get fancy I suppose, such as wearing fancy accessories like jewels, scarves or I would go for the same simple practical clothes, but made of the most luxurious fabrics I could afford. You got me thinking about why we need frivolity in the first place, why clothes can't be just clothes for clothes' junkies dress me. I'm enjoying all your "settling in" posts.

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I get frustrated too when what I wear is dictated to me by the environment, especially if it's vastly frivolous from how I personally like to dress. I know exactly what paler shade of blue are talking about in terms of dressing for the cold. I've enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing your move from the US dress Finland.

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