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Giantess mum

Unaware Mom by slimerjimer

This plot applied to all giantess mothers. At their house, a woman and her little boy were just standing in the household doing nothing.

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The mother growing taller. She grows till her head reaches the celing.


She looks down, smiling awkwardly at her son. He is amazed at seeing his mother grow tall, he starts giggling with joy. The boy starts to shrink a little, and he looks compilation sex movies at his mom, pointing at her. The boy was really laughing giantess he was tickling inside at seeing his mother being so tall, but the mother thought he was making fun of her.

Then she starts growing again.

Giantess Mother

The mother mum so tall, her head grows right threw the celing, and when she stopped growing, only her giantess and sandals are seen. The boy was even more amazed at seeing his mother that tall. He contenues giggling and looking up trying to see his mother's face, but the mother has grown so tall, he could not see her face through the ceiling.

The boy shrinks till he is the size of a speck. The mom gets tired of her mum laughing at her, so she desides to step on him.