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Gina gershon and elizabeth berkley

Why Gina Gershon Thinks 'Showgirls' Would Do Better In Theaters Now

I thought it was the only way to get through it. Gershon says she gets asked about Showgirls in every interview.

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Before we got to that, I had to determine how precisely she understood what was happening on set—if any of her co-stars shared hentai galleries com awareness of the absurdity that was afoot, what it was like to act opposite a perpetually flailing, admittedly astonishing Elizabeth Berkely. I apologized for being so zealous.

Gina Gershon Didn't Like Scripts She Was Receiving, so She Wrote Her Own One-Woman Show

The real Gershon was in a nondescript black top that was neither tight nor loose, her makeup was neither under- nor overdone. She then toured singing Prey songs with legendary D. And inshe released an album, Searching for Cleowhich spawned a live show and then book full title: Searching for Cleo: Why do something unless I can be good? Let someone else do it.

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Throughout our meal, talking to Gershon reminded me of talking to a particularly magnetic guest at a party. She is so self-assured and matter-of-factly impressive, her presence seems tailored to be relished in the moment.

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