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Girl likes to masturbate

Female 22 I would do it 20 times a day if I had that kind of time.

Not all women masturbate: 6 women tell us why they don't | Metro News

I never used to be like girl. Started talking to this guy I find fucking irresistible and my sex drive went well beyond Usually I will do it at least once a day, coming up to times.

The big thing for me is the difference in types of masturbation. I find it really does vary.

Not all women masturbate, and that’s fine: 6 women tell us why they don’t

I am a female and I masturbate once a day, sometimes more. Unfortunately I just had cervical surgery and cannot masturbate or have sex for three weeks. At least the hard drugs make it masturbate. Since I became a mother, once or twice a day. Before I became a mother, 4 or 5 times a day.

How She Masturbates Might Shock (and Scare) You

During the week, maybe every other day. So it can be likes a day everyday for a week, or not at all for a month. Single — maybe a couple of times a week.