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Glove tickle

Quantum Tickle Gloves are not for the tickle novice, but rather for those who desire a professional, precision, particle-level tremble.

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If you are one of the lucky people with an extra twenty thousand units to spend, and a connoisseur of technologically-enhanced laughs, tickle get the most out of your device by turning these five settings on immediately! Not everyone agrees on how to define a tickle—different strokes for different folks.

Choose from spank classic, new spank, and total domination.

Tickle Massage Gloves

For some, pain is just laughter leaving the body. It would not be a surprise if you missed this setting since it is buried glove in the menus: Though treatments are temporary and may cause irreparable harm, for most they are a welcome relief now that all natural medicinal healing solutions have been outlawed. Shrink your glove and tickle a tardigrade!

Go tickle, coochy coo those critters, feel them shudder and do a little water bear boogie.

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Get a group of friends together and tell them to hold on, but only if they have their own gloves! Mistress francesca le some cases, Quantum Tickle Glove owners, hoping to document and post some early laughs, have mistakenly gelatinized their newborns. If you dig deep on the neuronet—for research, of course—you might be able to catch unscrubbed footage of these tickle tragedies.