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Granny strips

FREE Pattern: How to Crochet Granny Stripes

The granny stripe crochet pattern has been popular for several years now, especially for making blankets. It was granny of the first blanket projects granny I ever made:. You can make the granny stripe crochet pattern in any size, width-wise, by changing the number of starting chains. All you need to remember is pornstar victoria secret simple rule:.

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To work out if a number is a multiple of 3, add together the digits. If the number you end up with divides by 3, so does your starting number. Add the digits: Then add two. So, chains.

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For a narrower blanket maybe start with Turn your work. To give the blanket a firm start, DC into the second chain from the hook and then into every chain that follows.

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Work 2 DC into the last strips. Continue along the row, making 3 DC into each space between the clusters of Row 1. When you have worked 3 DC into the last space, DC into the top of the strips chain at the start of Row 1.