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Hairy chinese armpits

The harsh Shanghai winter behind us, spring just a fleeting few weeks and summer beginning to blaze its way into the region, the weather right now is absolutely perfect.

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Along with warmer days comes lighter clothes, and Shanghainese women tend to take full advantage of this sartorial liberation by stripping down to skimpy skirts, short-shorts and loose blouses. But Shanghai spring-wear also exposes the grooming habits between Chinese and Japanese beauty massage porn women, as I have never seen more hairy armpits than in China.

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There's actually a long-held American myth that women in France don't shave, while French people like to make fun of Portuguese women for their stubbly underparts. But trust me, China reigns supreme when it comes to hairy armpits.

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As a Frenchman, I've always considered Asians - and Chinese females in particular - to be naturally feminine. Western men throughout history have mythologized Chinese women for their slender bodies, smooth legs and long, silky hair.

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But this fantasy is shattered whenever Hairy ride the Shanghai subway, where local women raise their arms to hold passenger poles, chinese thick tufts of unsightly hair. I know it sounds misogynistic and gender-biased, but I see such women as masculine and neglectful of their hygiene.

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I simply can't help it; my generation was raised with the criteria that all armpits should be smooth and hairless.