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Hansome gays

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Added by Gays. I refer to the typical topic of the un-feminine appearance of lesbians, the descriptions of ugly, left, trucker, firefighter. Tender making love innocent and perfect open pussy well-meaning question "Are you hansome a lesbian? But if you put on makeup, you wear a dress, a skirt, you gays a hair iron The image, the profile, the appearance and temperament of the lesbian woman has been for centuries the worst of the worst: The collective imaginary reserves a gray, denigrating and unattractive space for lesbians, there is a social incapacity, independent of cultural level or ideology, to understand lesbianism simply as a sexual, emotional or affective option.

But really What lies behind that conception?

Ugly lesbians, handsome gays?

For in a way it condemns it to an option that dispenses with the patriarchal model, which does not need a man to be. Because at the other end of the topic LGTBI is the image of the gay who is supposed to be handsome, sensitive, with pasta, he takes care of himself, goes to the gym, arranges himself, uses cosmetics, takes care of his house and knows how to cook. Let's take it from hansome you sure he is not gay?

Hansome so handsome and so charming that I'm sure his aunts do not go.


It is so obvious everything that seems to lie that we continue falling in the trap, it is gays indecent that it is not understood that we do not reveal or what is worse, that when in public one talks about the masculinity of the lesbians, some they are justified bringing up to famous or known that "in spite of being lesbians" are pibones.