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Hard sex with my wife

During intercourse, my wife and I will be going well and I will lo se my erection.

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I am aroused and I love her, but I get inside my head and think too hard. At the beginning of our relationship, she would orgasm about five times to my one; it was always that I took too long.

I lose my erection during sex with my wife – am I overthinking it?

I sometimes feel as if I am not letting myself go. Is it a confidence thing? Sex is not a competition.

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There is no scoreboard. If you approach love-making as though there is a goal to achieve — or even with the main intention of being good at it — you will fail to enjoy it fully. During lovemaking, try to make your principal aim simply giving and receiving pleasure.

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Approach sex in the knowledge that it is common and normative to lose your erection from time to time — and that erectile failure is more likely to happen if you are nervous and goal-oriented.