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The hogtie position is a classic bondage position that joins the ankles and wrists behind a person's back. It is popular because it requires only basic rope hogtie or leather or velcro restraints, but it very effectively limits mobility.

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While there are many variations, a basic hogtie entails joining wrists and ankles behind the back. This can also be wife is a nympho with the legs apart by tying the ankles separately more easily allowing for sexual contact.

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The closer the wrists and ankles are to each other, the more strenuous the sex will be. Once sex, the bound person can be positioned on their front or on their side, exposing different areas of their body for play.

Make sure the tied person can breathe easily at all times.

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When using bondage positions such as the hogtie, safety should be a primary concern. Tying a submissive into this position with the hands too far back, for instance, can restrict breathing. This is especially true if a submissive's head is tied back. It's also important to make sure that the circulation in a submissive's wrists and ankles isn't being cut off, as this can result in tissue damage and even lost limbs.


A safeword or signal should be used and respected at all times during bondage play; if a submissive says a safeword or hogtie a signal, sex activity should cease, and the submissive should be freed. Looking for more sex hogtie ideas? Check out our Sex Positions Playlist. Kinkly Terms: