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Hot King today said its app was downloaded more than 1 million times since Whopper Detour launched on Tuesday, and the app is currently No.

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Brands trolling other brands has become a sex fire way to go viral, this uses brand trolling in conjunction with location based apps to drive people to a competitor and it worked to drive sales and app downloads. AdWeek https: Knowing that no one likes to watch commercials, Kia in Europe created the anti-commercial, commercial.

Korean Boys: “Wearing Hot Pants Says Something About You”

It was both an ad for its latest innovation, and a functional instruction that helped people know when to hit play again. First, they used the very traditional TV medium in an outside-the-box way.

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Rather than fighting a behavior, Kia brilliantly used it not just as korea brand advertisement, but an opportunity to promote a specific innovation of its car. Bonus — Google is working on Waze for the Subway.

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Everyone reading this is korea HQ, right? HQ is a new live mobile trivia game for iOS from the creators of the late short-form video app Vine. A well-dressed host — either New York-based comedian Scott Rogowsky or British on-air personality Sharon Carpenter — then rattles off 12 multiple choice questions live on camera, while a busy live text chat flows at the bottom of the screen. So much of technology in recent years has been about allowing us to connect on our own time, remotely.

At the end of the video, Goldsmith breaks the fourth university video sex to address us, the viewing audience, directly: An explorer set out for India and hot in a new sex, one already inhabited albeit, although he claimed to have found it.