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I let him cum in my mouth

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Cum in your mouth?? Guys.. what's the deal?

Don't stress too much about it being porn-star quality. Sex is awkward most of the time, so if things don't go according to plan, like finishing in your mouth turned facial or facial turned cum in your hair, just laugh it off and continue what you were doing.

If it's taste or consistency that bothered you, though I never had such an issue, putting him really far back in your mouth pretty much where your tongue starts can get the cum to shoot straight down your throat. With some practice, you won't have any trace of it letting you know he even ejaculated.

Should I let him cum in my mouth?

How to get yourself to try it again Not necessarily just for his benefit, but because you enjoy doing things that bring him pleasure mentally as well as physically. Practice makes perfect, usually. Have him drink pineapple juice the day before, and try again.

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The more you love him, the easier it will be to pleasure him. If you swallow, put the head of the penis toward the back of your throat. I have been told by some girls that cum is either tasty, or an acquired taste.

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You could also try popping an altoid mint in your mouth prior to his cum.