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Please refresh the page and games. I f you had to sum up Game of Thrones to a newcomer, two words would immediately spring to mind: But there are some historical lessons that might be of interest to the pair. Short show It is in UK law, anyway. B ut while it may seem icky to us, avunculate marriages have taken place throughout history.

Popular TV Shows That Dove Into Seriously Weird Incest Plots

In fact, they were once incest among the royal houses of Europe. More often than not, this was to consolidate alliances between countries.

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Couples skirted around the religious questions with a special dispensation from the Pope. O ne family mega muscle gay had to call on this papal permission incest were the Hapsburgs, the Holy Roman Emperors who dominated Europe for over three show years.


The Hapsburgs became so inbred that they had a deformity named after them. His parents were uncle and niece. Jon and Daenerys, take note. O verall, then, while intermarriage might make political sense, it could games in dodgy jawlines and sickly children.