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Race is literally just skin deep. Ethnicity describes the cultural background a character might have. For example, a filipino character born and raised in the Phillipines is going to behave differently naked african penis soles filipino born and raised in the US.

And though the differences might be minute, a Filipino born and indian in the US might still act different from a white person whose family has been in the US for generations. These are things to look out for.

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At the end of the day, a character should be able to stand on their own. Donald Glover is no more a mouthpiece for the black population than Micheal Cera is for the white population. Individuals have their own soles that may or may not be affected by their ethnicity, and the actions they perform should be judged as the actions of that individual, not of the entire group they happen to be a part of.

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In a modern setting, certain character types are pretty race neutral. The world could use more lovable idiots, dark indian or otherwise.

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