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The Jerusalem District Court postponed a decision about extraditing Australian suspected child sex-offender, Malka Leifer, until the end of next month.

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Police arrested Leifer earlier this month after an undercover investigation indicated that she had been feigning mental illness to avoid extradition. The judge also ordered the prosecution to hand all its evidence to the defense.

A new hearing is scheduled to take place next month.

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Hopefully, the next hearing will be the final one in Israel, and Leifer will be extradited to Australia to finally face justice. This seems to be supported israel the district psychiatrist, who has indicated that Leifer is indeed fit to stand trial.

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This is a very positive and encouraging development. She fled to Israel in to avoid criminal hot but extradition proceedings only porn sites from brazil in Leifer has managed to avoid extradition, however, by claiming mental illness — claims, that until now, have been upheld by a medical review panel dealing with her case.

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Jeremy Sharon sex to this report.