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Hawaii – Jake & Matt –

Brodie and jake began their day off at jake mood and that always gets me excited since I never know what to anticipate. Jake was leaping onto the public cleavage bag that actually made me worried and Brodie had been pretending to jerk off with a pair of weights. They were laughing and laughing and even pioneered a game of sean sack.

Im not even watching the hacky. Thats all I am looking at. – Hawaii – Isaac and Jake Isaac & Jake 2009 Anal

It only happened that the ball landed to his crotch and Brodie seemed to know what to do in the moment so I let them do it although I dont know if Jake had been practicing the movement that followed! They kissed and Jake worked on Brodies penis… and Jakes hairy ass was ready to take a slamming.

I really like that Brodie never cody back! His cock rammed in and out from Jake and Jake took it all! They even managed to work with a bit of workout equipment to hang Jakes ass at the perfect angle for fucking.