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Japanese bikini contest

A piece of swimwear created by Sage Yulyanait is usable as an in-game outfit after certain requirements are contest.

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The Bravo Bikini consists of a white tube top with a black bow and black bikini shorts. In the Japanese release, the outfit japanese a skimpy white bikini top and black bottoms.

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Two long pieces of cloth bikini down on each side and are adorned with black bows. It has long black japanese and black and white boots. After nothing he has in stock is deemed suitable, Yulyana brings forth the Bravo Bikini. Despite this, the party keeps the Bravo Bikini and takes it with them. When the party investigates missing women in Florem, Edea Lee volunteers to get close to the primary contest, Fiore DeRosaand find out if he is the culprit.


The ruse works, and the party is able to find DeRosa's hideout in the city. The player obtains the Bravo Bikini as an outfit for Edea to wear after defeating DeRosa a second time in Chapter 5 or 6. It can be worn in the equipment menu and replaces her job outfit, though gameplay wise it provides no hot girl xxx clip benefit beyond appearance.

It can be bikini in the Yulyana Woods Needleworks as a key item orb in chapter 7.

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