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Japanese gay boys

Well, perhaps if the story had been more rooted in reality we could have seen that happen. As it turns out, pre-modern Japan was exceptionally accepting, even encouraging, of boys homosexuality and bisexuality. Much like that time we found out that bushido is actually modern-day made-up bullshitthis might surprise you.

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To be honest, it surprised me, too. I came boys this information while researching an article still to come about the current state of the LGBT community in Japan.

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My hypothesis was that I would find my answers in Japan's ancient and medieval past, assuming that Japan would be like the West in this regard. I would point to the Japanese version of Judeo-Christian anti-homosexuality beliefs and gay it a day.

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I thought it would be easy. Japanese is often the case, it turns out I was completely japanese. Japan's pre-modern society was one that not only gay homosexuality and bisexuality, but celebrated and even idealized it. In fact, it appeared to be the rule, rather than the exception, for a majority of Japan's pre-modern history.

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How in the world did Japan go from celebrating homosexual lifestyles to being in denial about LGBT issues even existing? To understand that, we must traverse the annals of history.

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Let's go back to the very beginning, right at the mommie dearest porn when Japan was created by the gods. Japan's first main religion, Shintoism, is said to have been established as far back as 1, BC.