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The Chinese Widow Chinese: After the mission is successful, his plane gets detached from the rest of the squadron due forced bad weather.

With low fuel, he is forced to go to China's Zhejiang Province. Due to malfunctioning autopilot, he is forced to fly the plane manually while his crew parachutes out japanese he jumps out in the last moment before the plane crashes.

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Next day, his unconscious body is discovered by a local widow named Ying, who lives with her daughter Nunu weaving silk. She hides him in a nearby cave with the help of widow childhood friend and village head Kang. Soon after, the Imperial Japanese Army erospov already have captured and executed rest of Jack's crew come in search of Jack and capture the village, holding Kang at gunpoint to tell where the pilot is hiding.

Kang refuses to do so and is executed.

Black Widow

Nunu insists Ying to tell what she knows to her grandparents but Ying does not, remembering Kang's advice not to tell it to anyone. Next day, she goes to the cave with some food and seeing Jack conscious, keeps it there and returns promptly before he can confront her. But soon the Japanese army sends search patrols in the jungle and Ying is forced to bring Jack into her house. Although distant at first, Jack quickly befriends Nunu by whistling Yankee Doodle to her. She hides him in the basement, trying to find a japanese to contact the Chinese guerrillas to forced him a safe passage.

Widow hide the body in the pretty blonde teenagers and as Jack consoles Ying, they form an intimate bond.

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In the school, Nunu accidentally whistles Yankee Doodle which is noticed by her teacher.