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Korean spy cam sex

South Korean authorities say as many as 1, sex guests in the country were secretly recorded last year as part of an illegal spy-cam ring that included thousands of patrons.

South Korea tackles hidden camera epidemic with spy cam inspection team

Tiny cameras were concealed inside of TVs and power sockets, among other locations, in 42 motel rooms in 10 cam. The footage was livestreamed, police say, across a website of more than 4, registered members.

Sales of spycam detectors are soaringthe Korea Times reports, in response to the latest of the innumerable crimes involving sexual predators surreptitiously filming women. Protesters have melanie hicks xxx that lighter sentences are far more common, however, according to a BBC report.

Spy-Cam Ring Recorded 1, Hotel Guests for a Subscription Porn Site

Hidden-camera crime in South Korean reportedly rose from around 1, incidents in to more than 6, in Public outcry led officials to form an investigative unit comprised solely of women to inspect some 20, public restrooms across the city where the cameras are commonly found.

Plans have also been discussed to expand the searches to include high-schools, middle schools, and elementary schools, according to reports. The spy effort has been criticized locally mishka 38g some as a feeble response and one unlikely to deter korean. Online censorship and de-anonymization are exceedingly common in the country, with the government motivated in part by a desire to quash the spread of North Korean propaganda.