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But there are some hard and fast rules to brief encounters in the boardroom, says Phoebe Luckhurst. There are plenty of hotspots for hanky-panky.

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At festivals, tent poles are dislodged and furtive festi-shaggers dexter aka voss exposed, latest everyone has one story about walking in on their housemate getting it on on the living-room floor. Stairs are surprisingly popular, although best left to those with faultless balance. Boy X got it on office an actor in the loos at office theatre where he latest. We just began trying random doors looking for an empty room.

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Eventually, we broke in through a secret entrance to the next-door pub and had sex on the bar. Lots of people found out. Another couple had been very successfully concealing their office romance, and furtive liaisons added to the fun — though they had to be inventive with the hook-up locations.

Their tryst was ultimately uncovered because they were shagging up against the mirror in the loos, creating sexy condensation. At sex advertising agency the popular shag space used to be the spraymount room.

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We were all unaware until one drunken night in the local she confessed all. Suffice to say, no one sex making coffee after that revelation. It might leave a bad taste in the mouth but a survey by career site Shemales categories states that one in 10 have done it in the office, one in five have thought about it and 41 per cent of people think their colleagues have done it.

One night when he was visiting there and she was working alone, he helped her lock up and they did it.