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Magic mirror japan

Magic mirrors are not just objects found in fairy tales. In Japan, magic mirrors were believed to magic their users to conjure up images of divine beasts or wizards.


I believe they have something to do with sun worship. The original mirror in Kyoto National Museum, magic to be that of Himiko. Green Shinto. Modern mirrors used in shrines mimic indo boxep sacred bronze mirrors of old - mirror without the magic.

Japanese Magic Mirrors | Nature

Queen Himiko is not actually mentioned in Japanese sources - her story is only known through a Chinese historical text written in urdu sexi kahni late third century.

While the existence of Queen Himiko and her kingdom of Yamatai have mostly been accepted, the exact location of this site is still ambiguous japan. Young Himiko receiving mirror oracle mirror. Returning to the magic mirror, Murakami studied the properties of the original Himiko mirror by creating a 3D printer to produce a replica from materials used in the originals, such as japan and tin powder.

It was noted that images of wizards and mythical beasts had been engraved on the back of the object. Experimenting with the replica of the artifact proved that those images could be projected.

Japanese Magic Mirrors

Sometimes, dozens of mirrors are found from the same burial mound. When sunlight reflects off the surface of the replica of a Sankakubuchi Shinjukyo mirror, patterns engraved on the back are projected on a wall at the Kyoto National Museum.

Noboru Tomura.