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Met art jewel

MetArt has certainly changed over the years.

Jewel A Nude in Canadians at Metart Hunter

What ever happened to that artistic vision, MetArt? In my perusal of the MetArt archive over the years, I see a steady trend toward "glamorizing" models more and more. But why? When you start with a natural beauty like Jewel, excessive cosmetics and art settings don't IMO enhance the beauty of the model but actually obscures her beauty. Get back to your roots, MetArt!!!

Jewel A in Met Art set Canadians

Phenomenally beautiful girl, a Jewel finer than any mere stone, I wish we could get some more of this most precious creation. To learn more please see our Privacy Policy. Email newsletters can be met or filtered into bulk, spam or marketing folders. As a result, you may miss email communications from us.

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