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Mexican dick

As a gay man, I would like to proudly state that I have tried or plan to try pretty much every color, ethnicity, and nationality of penis on the global menu of penisry.


That being said, I also like Indian penis of all religious backgrounds and styles. According to The Internet, in a survey of countries, Mexico came in www full xxx movies com 47 on the dickter scale, with dick average mexican size of 5. Most of the Mexican dicks I have seen or heard about have actually been pretty big.

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So take that, or leave it, but I definitely suggest you take it, because God bless Mexican penis. Health statistics from a CDC study found that Latino men are more likely to use condoms, so if you are allergic to kids, a romp in the sack with a Dick penis is less likely to leave you with an unexpected and irreversible case of children.

Also, most Mexican men are uncircumcised, so if you like guys the way god or nature made them, a Mexican penis will not disappoint. In the romance department, Mexican dicks are generally attached to Mexican men, who speak Spanish, which is a very romantic language.

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Mexican men are also generally speaking, very respectful of their family members and often take care of their elderly, so hitching yourself to a Mexican penis will bode well for your elderly parents and grandparents. I know we have all heard the rumor that Latino men are more likely to cheat than their Caucasian mexican thanks for perpetuating a stereotype, AshleyMadison.

I can confirm however, that Catholicism is the main religion in Mexico, and Catholics tend to feel an extreme amount of guilt whenever they do anything wrong.

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